Kasperskys son possibly kidnapped

Ivan Kaspersky, 20-year-old son of a Russian programmer in charge of computer and network security Yevgeny Kaspersky, was probably kidnapped in Russia. The kidnappers demanded 3 million euros for release - said on Thursday the Russian media. According to the media Kaspersky Ivan was kidnapped Tuesday morning in the industrial area north-west of Moscow.

Eugene Kaspersky
The kidnappers made their demands in a telephone conversation with his father, who co-owns the company producing the well known computer and network security software "Kaspersky Lab". For now, Kasperskys spokesman did not confirm this information. How writes Interfax news agency the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs examines case.

The Russian edition of Forbes magazine estimated the fortune of Yevgeny Kaspersky at $800 million.

Computer and network security company "Kaspersky Lab" works with special services of Russia, the United States, European Union countries and China, providing them with information that can help prevent the theft on a large scale, as well as theft of confidential information. Besides, the company provides network security solutions together with computer security to business and home users


What about fuel?


Summer is comming so maybe some of will spend their holidays in Dubai. Don't hesitate to rent a car there. While browsing internet as usually I came across receipt containing gasoline price from gas station in there:

As you can see 27l (like 7,3 gallons) of gasoline costed 50AED which is around 13,5USD. From what I did read it happens that it still isn't cheapest gasoline price in the neibourhood as Dubai doesn't have its own oil reserves. To give you wieder point of view the same amount of gasoline in the states would cost you around 26,3USD.

When looking at prices like these I regret living in middle Europe where for 27l of fuel I would have to pay equivalent of 55USD; in my country where currencys purchase power is way lower.


Oktyabrskaya subway station explosion. Minsk, Belarus.

Today around 17:00 CET explosion took place at Oktyabrskaya subway station in Minsk, Belarus.
Belarusian militia speaks about atleast 11 people dead, and atleast 126 injured.

Moments after explosion:

The cause of explosion isn't known yet, but authorites: "inclined to the version according to which the cause of the explosion was an act of terror. "

Update 1:
Deputy of General Prosecutor of Belarus Andrej Szwed said Monday night that the explosion in the Minsk subway, which killed 11 people, was a terrorist attack.

Stay tuned.