Happy new year bloggers !

Happy New Year to all bloggers and our readers.


Praying in Paris streets


Lately enjoying my holidays,

meanwhile in France, Paris:

16 October 2009, Léon St. on the corner with Myrha St.

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10 December 2010, Myrha St.

Still thinking how to neutrally comment it... nothing comes to my mind yet.


Comming back!

Hey everyone.

Sorry for not posting lately, but had some exams at college, and I had to focus on it. Luckily I have winter holidays now, so from now on I'll keep my blog updated.

Also I'll be putting up one website, as fast as I get atleast free(but proper) hosting, I will show it to you guys, so u let me know if it's worth renting server for it.

"Sorry boss, I might be late today"


Boot failure troubleshooting flowchart.


Sometimes having problems with turning on your computer?
You might want to take look at this boot failure troubleshooting flowchart.

high resolution here