BBC One - Underwater Armageddon


Take a look at amazing video from BBC One - Underwater Armageddon.
720p & 1080p available, so watch it in HD

"A mighty army of dolphins, sharks, whales, seals and gannets hunt down the billions of sardines along South Africa's east coast each winter. This is the sardine run: an underwater Armageddon, the greatest gathering of predators anywhere on the planet, and the most spectacular event in the world's oceans"


Robot that holds a pencil


Imagine you have a little robot that holds a pencil. Set it down on a sheet of paper and give it these instructions:

1. Move forward 3 units and turn right.
2. Move forward 1 unit and turn right.
3. Move forward 2 units and turn left.
4. Move forward 1 unit and turn left.
5. Move forward 2 units and turn right.
6. Repeat.

If the robot makes its turns at 90° angles, it will produce this figure:

But, remarkably, if it turns at 120° it will draw this:


Deep sea creatures


I want to share with you some video which contains pictures of deep sea creatures.
It's short with cool music, so I hope you will like it.

Press Read More for info about those pictures

These were not found after 04' Tsunami like it's written in the video. As far as I know those creatures were found after NORFANZ voyage, If you want to see more pictures of sea "monsters" visit this site. Both websites belongs to The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

snopes.com about it [GET]

Also better resolution of picture from my last post [GET]


32 truths for mature humans


Here you can see 32 truths for mature humans, true and funny, enjoy.


No news are the best news.


Sorry for not posting lately; had lots of things to work out away from keyboard :)
From now on, I'll try to post alteast once a day. Hope you will like it.


Awesome, isn't it?