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Tax info graphics


Once again college stuff took over my life for past few days and I was unable to post anything.
Today I want to post few tax info graphics, as I lack on time and power to write longer post, also I hope that maybe someone will save some of hard earned money thanks to this.

Locations in offshore tax jurisdictions:

Press read more for few other images.

Tax loopholes:

Some info about so called 'tax havens':

Early filers:

Here you have some article how company like google fix their taxes, so they are 2-4% - just fine :)


Income tax in USA.

Why do most of americans pay income tax?

"The authority of the federal government to collect its income tax depends upon the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the federal income tax amendment, which was allegedly ratified in 1913. After a year of extensive research, Bill Benson discovered that the 16th Amendment was not ratified by the required 3/4 of the states, but nevertheless Secretary of State Philander Knox fraudulently announced ratification."

I didn't get it, untill I saw whole Aron Russo's "Freedom to Facism" video. I guess name of that documentary says it all. I think it's reasonable that people are afaird of this above-law IRS agents. Well, you have to watch it to understand.



Cash Paradise University


First of all I want state that I do NOT support any criminal and illegal activity, this post has only informational character.

Ever dreamed about becoming cyber criminal? Your dreams might become true, because some group of scammers or single one decided to open how they call it "Cash Paradise University".

Prices for lessons ranges from 50$ (basics about hiding identity online) to even 500$ (botnet). According to one of instructors profile on some scam forum, already more than dozen people took part in his lessons, made it through it and most of them are happy about their teacher.

Well, this proves that internet is serious business and we have to take care of our wallets here, just like we do in real world.

For knownloage hungry people I have this link - list of more than 500 freely available programming books. Enjoy.


Which MMO I should play?


I need some advice about MMO games.
If you think that you could help, please click read more button

Well, I feel like playing some MMO again, after huge break.
I could play like 1-3h daily, and I am player who is interesed like 90% in PVP aspects of game, basically I used to hate boring grinding. Played World of Warcraft until 70 level then sold that char, now I see this new expansion - Cataclysm comming out, is World of Warcraft worth comming back to now?

After WoW I had little adventure with Warhammer Online, enjoyed this gloomy atmosphere in the game and of course whole pvp concept where I could make most of levels by killing other people.

Lague of Legends rings a bell, about beeing PVP MMO, but not sure.

Anyone could suggest me some MMO? I haven't heard anything about like 95% of mmo games which came out in past 2 years, and wanted to start playing in next days so I hope someone could recommend me good one. 

Thanks in advance;)


Smart Car isn't smart idea?


Considered buying a Smart Car? I would suggest you to buy high paying life insurance too. Profit.

I wouldn't want to end up like this people above.
Adding 2 more photos + 2 crash tests videos.

Good insurance would be useful to have if you somehow manage to get out accident like that alive.

Smart Car hits a wall - 70mph

Mercedes S-Class vs. Smart

Ships around the globe in real time


sorry for not positing lately, but had to focus on some college things.
First of all I want you all to post in comment what interest you; for example:
North Korea, China - whatever you tell me, I'll for sure consider it.

At this moment I want just present you this website You can check positions and other details, including pictures and so on of ships all around the globe - live. I hope atleast some of you will find is fun, like I did.

See you soon


Amazing tricking human mind

Hey there,

I want thank to everyone for great support to the content I post on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Today you will see, that in some cases the way you are informed/told about some things, can make influence on you in way you wont't belive it's possible to.

I want introduce to you one of my idols Derren Brown; British illusionist, mentalist, writer, painter and sceptic.

Here you can see some of his techniques, and how they work in real time.

Making people give him his wallets, car keys etc. "Russian Scam":

Collecting money for losing ticket at Dog Track:

And here is what happens to abandoned wallet:

It's up to to you what you think about it, anyway Im just a man who gives informations to you; but before you make any harsh judgements I suggest to you read Derren's book titled "Tricks Of The Mind"



How much are your personal info worth?


Today I want to show you what are your personal info worth in the open market - money.
Some people might think that their details aren't worth trying to get by data brokers or cyber criminals - they are wrong. 

As we can see according to Swipe Toolkit, an online data calculator presented by independent research consortium Preemptive Media:

"We used the following sources to determine the worth of your individual data bits: Accurint, Aristotle, ChoicePoint, ChoiceTrust, DocuSearch, Experian, KnowX, Merlin Data, and Pallorium. There are many other commercial data warehouses in the U.S., but these are some of the most popular and represent the general types of information that are for sale. " We can read at their website.

Have you ever wondered how much your personal data is worth on the black market? Symantec released new online tool which requires from you just few easy steps, and you can check it now here.


Charles Taylor about Samuel Doe execution

Hey there, again some Liberia stuff.
Today I'll post article from 03' sundaytimes which mainly describes the torture and execution of Samuel K Doe from Charles Taylor point of view. I am still searching for the full video... untill that I have some pictures for you which will help you imagine what happened there 20 years ago - here (NSFW)

Except some diffrent content soon & press Read More for the article.

I'm sorry I murdered the president

Sunday July 6, 2003

In 1990, as his drunken henchmen stripped, tortured and cut off the ears of former
Liberian President Samuel K Doe, leaving him to bleed to death, Prince Yormie
Johnson made a home movie of the slaughter. Today the former warlord, now a preacher
in Nigeria, says he regrets Doe's death. Festus Eriye reports from Lagos

The fatal torture of former Liberian President Samuel K Doe has been well
documented. His killers - a gang of thugs led by notorious warlord Prince Yormie
Johnson who, together with Charles Taylor, rose up against Doe in 1989 - captured
the ghastly affair on video, edited the results, gave it a soundtrack and
distributed copies among themselves.

In Johnson's home movie, he is seated behind a massive desk, with a garland of
grenades around his neck. He is drinking a can of beer and a young woman fans him
with a cloth, occasionally dabbing his temple.

Opposite the desk, in a room crowded with drunk, shouting rebels, Samuel K Doe sits
on the floor. He is naked, except for his underpants. His hands are manacled behind
his back. Two rebels are shown holding him upright. Flesh hangs off his face. His
legs are bleeding.

An interrogation of sorts is taking place. Johnson threatens to kill Doe if he won't
talk. "I want information, I want information," he shouts. All Doe can do is plead
for his life.

Suddenly, Johnson pounds the table: "That man won't talk, bring me his ear!"

The camera jerks around to focus on a screaming Doe, who is held down as a rebel
carves off his left ear. Johnson hits the desk again, and barks out the order: "Now
the other ear, the right ear. . ."

The torture and interrogation continues. Johnson demands to know where he has
stashed the money that he stole from the Liberian people.

The video abruptly ends.

Doe bled to death later that night.

Almost 13 years later, I am seated opposite Johnson, now an ordained preacher in
Nigeria. He has, in a sense, my ears as well, as he professes a profound regret for
his role in Doe's murder.

The date was September 9, 1990. Doe, who had been trapped for weeks in his official
residence, the Executive Mansion, in Monrovia, made a rare trip to the outside world
to meet with the commander of the regional United Nations intervention force.

He was shot and wounded before being abducted by the rebels, as the peacekeeping
troops stood by. Johnson and many of his countrymen had thought Liberia could only
prosper without Doe. The reformed warlord now thinks differently.

"I must be very frank, I regret it," he confesses .

"I thought that the death of Doe would bring peace. But the death of Doe never
brought peace. I thought that after Doe there would have been a democratic
administration that would provide good governance. But the government we have in
Liberia is the worst in our history. If I knew it would be like this, I would have
preferred Doe to be there, than to remove Doe violently and put a monster in his

Johnson is 44 now and, apart from fleshing out a bit, doesn't appear to have aged
much since the violent coup that installed Taylor - also a former warlord indicted
by the UN for war crimes, and a president whose rule has once again subjected the
country to an orgy of bloodletting and violence.

Clad in white kaftan and red traditional cap, Johnson is sitting in the sparsely
furnished living room of his one-storey exile home, in the affluent Lagos suburb of

The cream-coloured house with peeling paint has been his home for 11 years. It is
surrounded by expansive lawns and tropical fruit trees - under which some of his six
children play.

The absence of security is unusual for this security-conscious neighbourhood. Behind
the high walls, the house looks like a poorer cousin to some of the neighbouring
mansions. Previously it was used as a guest house for Liberia's top government

Now Johnson is full of praise for Doe, in the past his sworn enemy.

"During Doe's administration, the international community did not stage embargoes
against Doe," Johnson says. "It was not like this [with the world demanding Taylor's
resignation]. Samuel Doe upheld international relations to the letter. He made
friends with his neighbours, but this administration has been accused by
Sierra-Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast. So where do we stand?

"No country is an island - you need to interact with your neighbours. If you, the
president, are accused of fomenting trouble in the various countries bordering your
country, the citizens of your country are going to be given tough times in those

The enmity between Johnson and Taylor, once allies against Doe, runs deep. Johnson
was one of Taylor's most trusted commanders in the days when they operated under the
banner of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. Taylor's ambitions, however, led
to an irreparable breach in their relationship in February 1990, and Johnson formed
the breakaway Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia, which at one stage
controlled central Monrovia. He even declared himself president - a stance which did
not please Taylor, who would refer to his former ally as "the late Prince Yormie
Johnson" in his propaganda radio broadcasts.

After Doe's death, the Economic Community of West African States felt that Johnson's
continued presence in Monrovia was an impediment to peace in the country. So he was
shipped into exile in Nigeria.

The recent peace deal that emerged from Ghana calls for Taylor to step down and make
room for an interim administration within 30 days. Dismayingly, Taylor was unmoved,
and on Friday said he would step down only after a US-led peacekeeping force was
deployed in the country.

To Johnson, this is a case of Liberian history repeating itself - with potentially
dire consequences.

"This whole issue of 'step down - I will not step down; step down - I will not step
down' is a playback of 1990," he says.

"Taylor is telling the rebels that he was elected, therefore he cannot be told to
step down. Taylor did tell Doe to step down. Doe was elected. Taylor demanded that
he must step down, and because Doe refused, he prosecuted the war. So the rebels too
are telling him to step down, what's big about it? The cup he gave Doe to drink is
the cup he is drinking from."

Worse, he adds, is the fact that Taylor is the only African president ever to have
been indicted for war crimes: "And because of that indictment, no country can ever
do business with a Liberia with Taylor as its head. So do we keep Taylor and the
people of Liberia suffer? Do we keep Taylor for Liberia to be internationally

Johnson is especially passionate when it comes to Taylor's plunder of Liberia's
resources. He claims that Taylor used to refer to the country as his "pepper bush" -
a honey pot in local parlance.

"The logo of the National Patriotic Party of Charles Taylor is a map of Liberia," he
explains. "Across the map is a branch, and sitting on the branch is a bird. So
Liberia has become Taylor's pepper bush, and he is the only bird sitting on that
branch, singing songs in the morning. How do you say a whole nation is your pepper

"Taylor is very wicked," he declares. "In the whole of Liberia there is not one
street light, no water, no good roads, no electricity, nothing. People are
suffering. You are a journalist - you heard just a few days ago that Taylor has
$1.7-billion in a Swiss bank account that has been frozen. If one man has
$1.7-billion in one bank, while his people are living in abject poverty, what do you
call that man? He is extremely wicked."

Johnson has a rather bizarre theory that Doe and Taylor's names offer clues as to
why the men have turned out the way they have.

"This man's name is Charles Ghankay Taylor. Do you know what 'Ghankay' means? It
means 'stubborn'! As if this name is not enough for him, when he became president,
he acquired a new name - Dahkpannah. You know what 'Dahkpannah' means? Chief of
devils! That is the actual meaning. I am not fabricating. That is the meaning of
Dahkpannah in Gola [dialect].

"This is a playback of the Doe administration. When Doe became the head of state and
converted himself to the civilian president, he adopted a name - Tanu - which means
'the leopard in the town'. Doe adopted a dangerous name. Charles Taylor too adopted
this kind of name - so I don't understand."

Johnson, who once ran with the "chief of devils", is now an ordained preacher. When
I address him as Reverend Johnson, he quickly corrects me: "It is Evangelist
Johnson, actually. An evangelist doesn't have a particular church."

After pastoral training, he was ordained at the Christ Deliverance Ministry, a
Pentecostal church in Lagos. Before that he was a regular at the popular Synagogue
Church of All Nations. It was at this church, two years ago, that Johnson staged a
dramatic reconciliation with Doe's widow, Nancy B Doe and her son, Samuel K Doe jnr.

God has changed the former warlord in many ways. Sources say he used to have a very
wild lifestyle . When he arrived in Nigeria, he did so with eight women in tow. Most
of the women fell pregnant and later left him, taking their children with them.
Today, he lives with one wife.

Johnson insists all this is history. "God has been working to transform me," he
asserts. "As I sit here talking to you, those days when I used to go to Bar Beach to
booze and womanise, and I had so many beautiful girls, I don't see them any more.
God has removed that. I don't drink no more, I don't womanise. Though I am not
saying I am perfect."

When I ask him if he is keen to return to Liberia, he turns to the Bible for an

"Moses killed the Egyptian and fled into Medina for 40 years. When God was ready for
him, He sent him back to Egypt to redeem his people. So 11 years is nothing compared
with that time of Moses. It is not even long to me. Those 11 years have been very
good. They have been 11 years during which God has been using me."

However, in 2001, Johnson did file an application to run for president in the
Liberian elections.

"If the Liberian people tell me they would need me to be president, so be it," he
now says.

"I have immense contributions to make to Liberia. You don't have to wait until
people ask you to make contributions."


Documentary about Liberia

Hi. Today I would like to post some informations about hell on earth located in the west Africa - Republic of Liberia. My attention to this place was brought by movie Johnny Mad Dog (2008) which I find one of the best war-drama around. I did some research and found excellent report from this place made by VBS.TV :

If you liked the report you might also like the movie Johnny Mad Dog; here is trailer for you:

If I see people interest in this topic I'll try to find full execution and torture video of Samuel K Doe.


Hello everyone

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. Samuel Johnson,

This blog will contain informations from all around the world, mostly those which you won't be able to see in main-stream media. There will be some hot news, and some old news. All things that I find usefull, interesting or disturbing. This is my first "blog" so please forgive me any misstakes that I'll for sure make at the begining. What future brings - time will tell.