Playing God: The Loving Psychopath

One of if not the best videos I ever watched in youtube. I won't spoil anything to not ruin the effect.

By the way since today everyone is able to comment on the blog, even anonymous visitors.


What does it cost to change the world?

This is WikiLeaks promotional video, hope you enjoy it as I did.

What do MasterCard, Visa, Bank of America, Paypal and Western Union all have in common? They help you pay for what you want? Well, yes... that is unless you want to help WikiLeaks make the world a better place. To see the shocking details, please go to

One dollar bank robbery.

Exactly what the title says happened in North Carolina according to local news site. The unusual incident happened on Thursday 16th. James Verona came to RBC bank without a weapon but with note that said: “This is a bank robbery, please only give me one dollar.”; after he said that he will be sitting on the chair there waiting for police, and so he did.

Wondering what drove this 59 years old man to this desperate act? For sure it wasn't monetary reasons, but what then? The answer is really simple. Mr Verona don't have medical insurance and he has a growth of some sort on his chest, two ruptured disks and a problem with his left foot. He have no job so jail seemed as best opportunity for him to get free health care.



Doctors on drugs.

Many types prescription drugs are sold each year; not strange that it is one of most profitable industries in the world. The industry is well known for using questionable practices to make sales.

Please take a look below for great infographic about these practices:

Doctors on Drugs